If You Can Retire, Should You Retire?

Work Retire

While financial considerations often drive the timing on when to retire, if you have planned well and saved enough for retirement, the list of considerations can be lengthy.

  • Will you have something to do with those 40+ hours a week you used to work at a job?
  • What will my family think if I retire?
  • Where are your friends now, at work or retired?
  • Are you healthy?
  • Will you have access to health care insurance if retiring earlier than Medicare age?
  • If you would like to continue working, why are you thinking about retirement?

Today I want to spend time on this last bullet. Too many people leave the workforce “to retire” because working is no longer rewarding. Sometimes they want to work but can’t find employment that is challenging or provides purpose.

Let’s talk about this age thing when it comes to being employed. Age discrimination DOES exist in fact it is alive and flourishing. Even older managers discriminate in their hiring by passing on anyone over 50. Older Workers will cost more. Why, because they are experienced? Oh, we wouldn’t want to hire someone that could do the job, let’s focus on hiring people with just potential for half the price. No pun intended, but this gets old after a while and even the strongest job seeker gives up after being passed over for jobs they are qualified for but never get interview time.

So how about liking your work, but not being energized anymore. Is there a possibility of a switch in jobs at your employer? Or could you be self-employed and you can’t seem to generate enough business to keep you energized?

I’m in this last section myself. I love selling travel and vacations, but can’t find enough people that take vacations and spend money on vacations. Which is amazing since it is a huge industry! Just look at how many cruise ships alone there are, let alone hotels and resorts! I have 1000+ social media contacts, and only a small few have asked me to help them secure a vacation. I have a lot of relatives and friends and none of them have booked a vacation with me in the past 2 years!

So like many that wonder should I retire, I too am about to throw in the towel. I can retire; I just don’t want to retire. But I’m beginning to realize I may not get to choose.

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