Are You Afraid of Vacation?


In every company in the country you can find at least one person who is afraid of taking vacation. They for one reason or another are afraid of even staying at home (staycation) and being away from work. What are they afraid of if they are gone for a week? Why does the company allow employees to skip taking time off to rejuvenate?

Let’s begin by briefly reviewing the benefits of simply not going to work for a week, even if you stay at home and go nowhere else. A change of scenery does a body good and cleans out the brain fog that develops from routine. Breathing different air, and just changing up the daily activities brings a fresh perspective to life.

However, if you can break away from work and go somewhere, even if it is local places like shopping, eating a few meals out, the park, the library or a museum can open the mind to different things. At home projects in the yard or around the house often uses a different skill set and can check off a few items on the to-do-list making us feel productive.

Going somewhere, whether by car, bus, train, plane or ship can transport us completely away from routine and free us up to see the bigger picture and how we fit in, or maybe introduce us to a change. Many times people come back from vacation and begin looking for a different job or begin training for a new career.

Organizations benefit from employees being gone for a few days as a reminder of what people bring to the table. People that are always around are often taken for granted, but in their absence people realize the value of others and how essential they are to the daily workings of the company. In very rare incidences, companies will discover issues being hidden by the absent employee, but even bad news can be good news if discovered.

I happen to love cruise vacations. I have sailed on over 40 cruises, and each time they bring new experiences and memories. But aside from the great food, unpacking one time, entertainment and interesting ports of call, I find that everything is being taken care of and I can just go along for the ride.

With a cruise, the hardest part of the trip is getting there. Every time I step on board, I feel the tension leave my body. Someone else is transporting me for the week. Someone else is cooking, cleaning, and providing me with things to do. I simply make choices and go do them. While many want Wi-Fi, I choose to disconnect for the week, and don’t even watch the news on TV.

When I get home, I find very little happened, very little changed, and I just step back into the routine, looking forward to my next vacation. We plan out a year or two in advance for all time off, so I always have something to look forward to.

So why don’t you take your full vacation every year? What is stopping you? What might you be afraid of? Let’s plan your next vacation and fill up the memory book. Drop by and start exploring the possibilities!