YES, I would still like a full time job!


For the past year I have been devoting a lot of time to building a new travel business I can run in my retirement years, but I have not given up my desire to continue HR & Training Consulting work, or even a full time gig for the right opportunity.

I was taken aback last week when I recruiter emailed me asking me if I was still interested working full time. As a consultant for the past 12 years, I had given up hope that a company could see the value in the diverse experience consulting work provides. Most recruiters are looking for only people currently working in a full time role, so this call was a pleasant surprise.

I spoke with the recruiter yesterday, and found out more about the role and the company. The role will not be that challenging, but I had also seen this role open on and off for the past several years. It just begged the question as to why no one was staying very long. The answer was that the management team was challenging to work with, but the recruiter was aware of a previous management team I had worked with once in my past. She felt that experience told her I could handle this team.

I laughed out loud. Honestly, the group in my past she was referring to was quite a challenge to say the least, and I had survived. I also learned a great deal how to work with people like this and agreed to look at this opportunity.

So while I have the requisite professional experience for this role, and a hundred others for that matter, I am usually summarily dismissed from a search or an application because I am not currently full time. “Hear Ye, Hear Ye” – That is a fatal recruiting error in finding the best talent. You are missing talent that your management team needs.

Back to the recruiter that I opened with, I was impressed with her ability to read between the lines of my profile/resume. She knows what kind of skills this role needs and there are many people she could call. However, she realized that success means the ability to work with her management team far outweighs the ability to perform the job. With me, she said, she thought I had the ability to be successful on both fronts.

I have researched the management team, and spoke with a person who I know worked for this team and I hope I get an interview.   But in the meantime, YES, I would still love a full time job! Your referrals are appreciated.