Is Your Product Quality Suspect?

thT8EBKFKNIf you manufacture a product for sale, are you certain that the people you have working for you are capable of creating and maintaining the quality of the design?  Are you certain that the new employees being hired have the right competencies to perform their work responsibilities?

I ask these questions because I recently ran across a company that has taken great pride in their brand and must maintain a consistent quality to the product to not only remain in business but to grow the business.  And yet, when I was reviewing the competencies of their internal recruiting staff, I discovered that they were unable to read a resume or their internal applications and determine if the applicant had the required competencies.  What I discovered was they were turning away qualified people from moving forward to an interview.

Instead of understanding what they needed this person to do, and comparing it to what they had done in their past work experience, they were looking for exact title matches.  It didn’t matter if the person could and had performed specific tasks before, if they had not had a matching title they went into the dead letter box.

It got me to thinking that people were being recruited without much certainty they could perform the work.  How does that help the company maintain product quality if they don’t hire the right people?  If you are a winery and hire people that only have experience in making soda, are you really able to maintain product (wine) quality?

My best solution would be that the hiring manager, who is responsible for quality control, sits with the recruiter and makes sure they know what kind of experience they are seeking.  Further, the hiring manager should review all applications and resumes that have been removed from consideration.  If the hiring manager agrees that these people didn’t have the right stuff, then you have no reason to suspect you are getting the right people to interview.  However, if you would have wanted to talk with any of the discarded applicants, it is time to review your hiring process.




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