Seeking Any New Opportunity

th7N2PIEAX  Within professional social media environments like LinkedIn, you will note rather quickly the many people that have changed their taglines to something like “Seeking New Opportunity in (insert chosen field)” and we all know this is code for losing your job and now you need another one.

There is a lot of sympathy in the job search market for people that find themselves out of work.  It could be they have been laid off, terminated or resigned, but they are now in need of a job, so everyone they know helps them look for work, right?

I’ve been consulting for the past 10 years and would really like to return to a corporate role where I can leave more than a few fingerprints on a project.  And yet, I am considered employed and not as needy as my counterparts that are “out of work.”  This means there is  lack of sympathy for my plight, over the person who is now on unemployment.

Now while I have expanded my job search beyond my chosen profession, I still can’t quite bring myself to change my tagline to what I am really open to which is, “Seeking ANY New Opportunity” because it smacks of desperation.  It remains to be seen how much longer this search for a job will go on before I reach the end of my rope.

A dear friend was kind enough to point out to me that I have little going for me.  (Bless her heart)  She noted that I am in my middle 50’s which spells out a lot of work experience, but usually experience means expensive!  I am a white male, so I offer no incentive to an employer from a race or gender position and I wasn’t able to serve in the military.  (Which by the way I never mind getting in line behind these people, ever!)

My friend then in her humorous way, pointed out that I am a very ethical person, hard working and productive.  I walk my talk, and I practice Servant Leadership as a management style.  I said, these are all good attributes, to which she responded, “only to those that share your beliefs.”

So I am starting to believe that maybe it is time to get desperate and change the old tagline.  I love to cook, maybe there is an opportunity out there I am missing!

As for friends and associates that help unemployed people find work, not enough people think about how beneficial that would be to those of us looking.  Your help would be very much appreciated, at least I know for sure that I would appreciate you!


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