Procrastinating For Success

th4 Like most authors, we are always thinking about our next book, and I think I have stumbled on the secret for a runaway best seller, and that is selling a concept that people want to believe.

Take procrastination as an example.  No one believes that procrastinating is a good way to get ahead, but we want to believe there is a secret way we can procrastinate and be successful.  If only I could use my imagination to create the illusion that procrastination is a good technique that successful people employ all the time, I could get both rich and famous.

Sadly, I live in the world of reality.  I watch people put off projects and at the same time wonder why they lost their job or failed to get that raise or promotion.  And yet we all know people that procrastinate all the time and remain employed, get salary increases and even promotions.

I’ve been reading a lot of online tips this week about how to stay on track with New Year’s Resolutions.  It would seem that most, if not all, resolutions fail within the first couple of weeks of the new year, and we all accept the failure and nothing changes.  Not to mention that a lot of the time there are really no serious consequences to failing.

If you are a big procrastinator, I suggest you take baby steps.  Start with cleaning out your email, and answer the one I sent you in November.  Move on to building a project list for your job, setting dates for completion of each project.  Then setup daily task lists that start to list things to do each day.  Prioritize that daily list, and get some check marks for accomplishing things.

Honestly, being productive is a faster route to success than procrastination, any day of the week!

Happy New Year!


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