24-Hour Email Response

th3Is it really too much to ask that a legitimate email (Not SPAM or Junk) get a response within 24 hours?  Can you imagine that if you called me I said “hello” and then hung up on you and didn’t return the call for days?

I personally use email to engage with people when I don’t need an immediate response, for when I need it that fast I use the phone.  Yet I don’t use email so that my question can sit in an inbox for days and weeks waiting for someone to answer with a quick, “get back to you soon.”  That kind of response is okay when you answer quickly, but if you have already put me off for days, then you should respond with a full answer.

While I will admit that I often ask engaging questions that require thought, and I don’t always expect a thoughtful response right off the top of someone’s head, I do expect to be acknowledged sooner than later.

Without mentioning which function within your company is probably the biggest offender of long delays, let’s see if readers of this blog can figure out the one department that takes the longest to respond.  I guarantee no one is thinking of their sales or service departments as these folks are always focused on being responsive.  Yet the problem child I’m irritated with should realize that their client is the life’s blood of any company.

So what function within your company can you count on to take forever to return your email?

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