The Recruiting Triple Threat Curse

triplethreatI have been working with an Executive Recruiter for a few months, and she leveled with me the other day why a job search for the right opportunity can take so long. Then she set me back a peg by adding “especially for people like you that are cursed with the Recruiting Triple Threat.”

What is the Recruiting Triple Threat Curse? It is Age, Experience and Expensive.

As I look at these three words I don’t see a curse, in fact I see just the opposite. Of course I wasn’t working with the right dictionary as I was soon to find out.

You see Age means I’ve been around the block so I’m not stupid. I can spot workplace rules that are being violated, and without taking a training workshop I already know how to deal with individual rule breakers, and/or how to report infractions. To Human Resources, I am someone who can point out flaws and won’t look the other way. I am going to be a trouble maker for any organization that has problems and problem children working for them. Okay.

Now I find out that Experience is often seen as more than this job requires, not less or just right. It would seem that in a perfect world Goldilocks had it all figured out, and that is often the goal of internal recruiters. In my experience I never hired people without enough experience, rarely tried to recruit people with just enough experience, and often looked for people with more experience so they would not struggle with the current needs and were able to step up when things got more challenging as they always do. Silly me!

I understand what Expensive means. I might have more experience and that costs more in salary and potential benefits. But the way I look at it, the adage of you get what you pay for applies quite nicely in this situation. Why would you hire cheap? If you do manage to hire someone desperate enough for the job that they will take a low salary offer, how long do you expect them to stick around? If you hire someone for less money because they are barely qualified, where is your return on investment?

So I am cursed with the Recruiting Triple Threat. The right organization is out there, and I just need to have patience to wait for that opportunity.

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