Recruiter Mishap

thT8EBKFKN You complete your online application, attach your resume and customized cover letter to a job you are well suited for and within an hour your phone is ringing.  To your surprise it is a recruiter from this same company that wants to talk with you about their opening you applied for an hour ago.

If you are like most applicants, your hopes just bounced ten feet in the air.  You are thinking that it didn’t take 3-4 weeks for someone to ignore you and send you a form letter stating that someone else was selected.  You are jazzed that this person saw your qualifications and experience as a match and wanted to talk to you more about the role.

The recruiter asks you to talk more about your current job, and you highlight the past 25 years of experience into how you landed up where you are today.  Then it happens.  The recruiter tells you that she doesn’t see any, not enough, but any experience in the foundational skills that have allowed you to function, let alone succeed for the past 15 years.  Because, are you ready, “you have not had those words in any of your previous titles”.

You launch into a tutorial on how this skill set that she feels is missing allowed you to perform the following projects and job roles.  She claims that none of the attachments or complete job history came through the online system, and you offer to email them to her.  She appreciates that and you send them immediately.

Next thing you know she has resigned her job the following week, and posts an online diatribe on her employer.  You race to find the head of HR and by the time you contact him, the job has been filled.  All within a 3-week period, you became the victim of a disinterested and incompetent recruiter.  I had this happen to me, and it made me feel like I was involved in a hit and run.

So, to all those diehards that follow the recruiting rules, I now have decided to revert back to my old style of applying for work.  Yeah, complete the online application, but send hard copies directly to the hiring manager and any other potential influencing managers that may never hear about you because the recruiter blocked your path.

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.  Seems like a lot of power for a single individual.

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