Physician Heal Thyself

virus_vaccine_1920x1200Have you noticed that most doctors are in pretty healthy shape? They eat well, exercise, and very few smoke or drink a lot. Daily they are advising people how to get well and stay healthy, and they are modeling the behaviors they are preaching to their patients.

So is it too much to expect a consulting firm that seeks to improve the human resource, talent and the training side of Corporate America to model the same behaviors? If it is their business to evaluate performance issues and recommend performance solutions, shouldn’t it be from a place of experience and not just theory?

Recently I was invited to interview with a couple of very large global consulting firms that concentrate their consulting efforts into improving performance. Yet both of these firms had horrendous applicant experiences as part of their recruiting processes. Even though I was being recruited, I was made to feel like an unimportant and insignificant individual that should just feel honored to have been called. One of these firms finally earned the word “inconsiderate” from me after a series of what I wish were just gaffes, but is really part of their DNA.

Both of these firms employ tens of thousands of employees around the world, and as I mentioned, consult on training strategy and learning solution implementations. Yet, both of them had corporate learning environments that wouldn’t stand up to any kind of industry award program standards. I was a little more than just surprised, but then again I expected that they would have model learning environments if they were out there charging enormous fees to tell others how to do things correctly.

I still remember my early days in banking, where if an employee bounced a check it was an immediate corrective action, and another occurrence led to termination. Bankers had to model the behaviors they held their customers too. Today, I see very few companies hold themselves to the same practices that they preach to their clients. Oh, there are a lot that still do, but at the same time there are more that don’t.

I walked away from both of these opportunities and shared the reasons I would not be interested. I traded a lot of money for my principles with these decisions, but I can say for sure that I not only talk my talk, but I walk it too. I doubt my feedback will have any lasting impression, but when a pending job offer is turned down it does grab attention with the person that wanted to hire you. Never be afraid to help others become aware of why they lost you. Sometimes a Physician cannot heal himself, and needs another person to advise them how to change. I did my part, now it is their turn.