Why Did I Pay You?

dollar signs  It wasn’t about the $250 amount I paid you, it was for a service that you failed to deliver that bothers me.  What sounded like a fair trade for services rendered, turned into a rip off because you cashed my check, but only returned lip service for the past 7 months on why you have not been able to meet the obligation.

Have you ever paid for a service and not received it?  Chances are that it has not happened to that many people, and when it does happen a brief conversation with the provider is usually enough to prompt action.  I have agreed to numerous pay for performance agreements in my work life history and have not been completely ripped off before like I have this time.  Yet the amount has me wondering how much farther I should push back.  If it was $1000 I might go to small claims court to collect, but I can’t see wasting anymore money or time for such a small amount.

Yet you don’t have to be an independent contractor to have paid for a service not received.  You can be an employer that pays salary or hourly wages that get very little in exchange.  There are a lot of employees that don’t provide a day’s work in exchange for a day’s pay.  And yet we watch the employer do little to change the circumstances.

“Free money comes from the government”, a neighbor told me.  He happens to be on several programs and is skilled at collecting money without working at all.  Yet I responded that even that money comes from taxpayers so it is not free.  “It is free to me, because I don’t work and pay taxes” he said, and I was stumped as to what to say next.  I am working, paying taxes and what do you know, I am paying my neighbor to do nothing too!

Regardless of recent events, I am really glad to have a work ethic gene.  I like to earn money in exchange for services rendered.  And if anyone ever paid me and didn’t get their money’s worth, I wouldn’t hesitate to make things right.  Maybe I’m just weird.

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