Proud to be an American

1024x768_7  I can remember a time when it was okay to be openly proud to be an American.  It was okay to support American values that dated back to the founding of this country, and to be in awe of how brave early Americans were in establishing this country in a break with England.  I am proud of how far this country has come since its founding, and its desire to achieve better a America for each generation.

However, as we approach July 4th this year, I feel that there are too many people living in this country that no longer feel pride.  They are happy with the opportunities, but they no longer want America to mean anything special to those that live here or around the world.

I’ll admit I learned about patriotism from my parent, grand parents, aunts and uncles.  I was in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and earned the rank of Eagle Scout.  I grew up in a world that celebrated America.  My first Presidential election was when Ronald Reagan ran for President, and I can remember listening to his passion for this country and what we all needed to do and feel as Americans. I was never prouder to be an American.

After 911, I remember being frightened for the first time in my life, and yet our President led us through this time as one nation fighting against a common threat.  Together we overcame adversity and fear.

Today there seems to be more people condemning America and its traditions than there are supporters, and most of these people are US Citizens.  Yes, freedom of speech prevails.  I just wish a few more of us spoke of what is good about America rather than what is bad.

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