Do You Need To Be Replaced?

fired  No one will ever enjoy hearing the words “You’re Fired” and that is why we have come up with softer terms to let someone leave their employment.  But although you may not enjoy hearing the words, maybe your performance lately deserves the action of terminating your employment.

With so many competent people out looking for work, it is amazing that more employed people never ask themselves if they are working up to their potential.  Are you doing a good job for your company?  Are you earning your salary and benefits?  Or do you need to be replaced with someone who will do a better job for the company than you are doing?  Let’s face it, there is always someone more competent that you are that could be hired to replace you.

Yes for those of you that follow my weekly ramblings, I am back on the old road of self-assessment and accountability.  Maybe it is because lately I have been bumping into a lot of people who don’t seem to care about their contributions, earning their paycheck or being accountable.  They seem too preoccupied with their own public relations campaign to see what effect they have on the operation.

Take a General Manager of a restaurant that likes to play mind games with his staff.  He denigrates them publicly, blatantly violates wage and hour laws, and is creating a hostile work environment.  Now while he needs to be fired, where the heck is the Human Resource Director?  Since employees have registered complaints, and he has been asked to intervene, he instead is absent without leave.  He too needs to be replaced.  In the middle of these two wonders, is a brand new regional manager that is catching on to what the GM is doing.  I have faith he will take action, but I wonder if he will be supported by HR.  Whether he is or not, guess who is liable to keep his job?  The incompetent HR Director.

Let’s look at a head of retail banking who requires every hiring, promoting and performance decision to be approved by him before action is taken.  This might be a good idea if there are too many versions of policy being administered, but it takes this person weeks to make decisions.  Not only are individual managers not empowered, the operation is slowed because of staffing issues.  If he wants to manage every detail, then start putting in 12-hour days and get everything done.  Personally, he needs to be coached on how to delegate and trust.  Or maybe he is in over his head and needs to be replaced.

What I want everyone to do is take a moment and ask yourself if you need to be replaced.  Are you doing your very best and yet not doing your job?  Maybe it is time to find a better fit.  However, for those of you that manage others, it is time to start considering replacing incompetent leaders and managers and instead of starting at the bottom of the ladder, start at the top.

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