Do More – “Like” Less

th2What do I mean by do more and like less?  I’m talking about showing up for work and getting more of the work related tasks done that are needed to make an impact.  I’m talking about spending a whole lot less time sitting on social networking sites, online blogs, articles and assorted websites that beg you for comments.

Clicking “like” or adding your two cents to everything under the sun is not productive to your employer needs.  Unless you are in online marketing and/or are tasked with spreading news everywhere, your real job is getting a lot less attention because your focus is somewhere else.

Have you ever emailed someone asking a question that you need an answer to before you can move forward?  You wait, and wait, and hours or days later, this person replies, “so sorry this took so long I’ve been swamped”?  I have, and when I know that they have been clicking “like” to every other thing on LinkedIn today, I want to blow a gasket.  You had the time, but clicking “like” to someone’s new photo was so much more important!

“Everyone Does It” is a common excuse.  Yes I hear you.  There is a CEO that spends a lot of time screwing around on LinkedIn self-promoting and avoiding big problems at his company.  At one point I thought he had delegated this out to a staff member but then I found out he is really into doing all this “online stuff” himself.  While the building is burning down, the world knows he “likes” the scenic view of his friend’s vacation trip.

So to be blunt, go back to work and put in a full day’s time for the employer that is paying you to work.  Save the “Like” this or that for your time off when no one is paying you to get something accomplished.  And since you are already here, go ahead and “like” this blog so others know you have good taste.

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