Follow Through Credibility

You may be the most credible professional in the world, but if you promise to call me at a given date and time and then miss the appointment without even a peep as to why, you have lost a significant amount of credibility with me.

The same goes for promising to email or mail me something.  Do it, or suffer a loss of credibility.  Actually anything you promise to do and fail to do it loses credibility, and especially if you fail to explain why you dropped the ball.

Yet, for those of you that are plum full of excuses for not following through on your promises, after awhile I just stop listening.  I rarely believe anything you tell me, because you rarely come through on anything you say.  Some would call this flakey, or incompetent, but I just call it unreliable.

While there are days that you may wonder if anyone is able to do more than just make promises, I have experienced plenty of people that work overtime to maintain and increase their personal credibility with others.  They often just need to have a system in place that reminds them of tasks to be done and to follow up.  The sad reality is that they don’t have to go overboard just to stand out.  Thanks to the many that don’t do much to increase their personal worth to others, just a met performance makes you look like a far exceeds performer.

Last week a professional I work with asked to schedule a telephone call yesterday.  He named the time, and even confirmed via email.  The time came and went without a word from him.  You may ask did I follow up?  No I didn’t because this is the typical behavior for him.  If I followed up, he would set a new time, and miss that appointment too.  He may email me minutes before the time and push it out again, but it takes several times to get on the phone with him.

You may ask why this happens.  It is simple.  His time is worth more than my time in his mind.  Yet when he makes grand promises for what he can do for me, do I really believe him?  What do you think?


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