Honesty in Job Recruiting

A friend of mine is an internal recruiter for their company, and was frustrated by what appears to be a revolving door.  Too many people are resigning, and even when replacements are found, too many of them are resigning within a few months.  It was after something she said that had me both laughing and crying that I realized may be a good reason for some honesty in recruiting.

She said, “I want to tell everybody that applies here that they must be able to deal with daily insanity.”  She wasn’t trying to be funny, she was just stating a rather inconvenient truth.  This company happens to make a lot of irrational decisions, are very reactive, and treat employees as disposable items.  To further complicate her job, you need to understand that this is a bank, that recruits often from other banks.  So if you hire an employee from another bank, there are certain assumptions that are not covered in the interview process.  One exiting person said, “I feel like I landed in the Twilight Zone”, because they operate so differently.

My friend said, “if I could only warn them ahead of time that this place is insane most of the time, maybe they wouldn’t be so shell-shocked after coming on board.  Maybe they could last longer.”

She has a valid point, which is why I thought that honesty does fit into the role of a recruiter.  There will always be some surprises in a new job, but why not talk about the ones you know exist?  Minimize the surprises.

I suggested she work on how she would describe the working environment without saying “insane” and that she should have a serious talk with her manager and come up with a strategy that previews the working environment and maybe reduce the resignations.

Of course I’m also thinking that if the place does require someone to deal with daily insanity, then we need to work on other areas to improve working conditions for all employees.  Ya Think?


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