When To Resign Your Job

People resign from their job when they are unable to endure working conditions any longer.  They resign when they have accepted another job.  And sometimes they resign to avoid a pending termination.  But how often have you ever heard someone resign because they are just incompetent?

We often see people at work and in government that are just in over their heads.  The job and the responsibilities are just becoming more than they can handle.  They are making significant mistakes, and yet because they have not yet been terminated, or in the case of elected officials can’t really be terminated, hang on forever to a job they cannot perform well at all.

I wish that more people would face up to the fact that not every job is suited for every body.  Sometimes we find ourselves in a role that is just more than we can handle, but because we need the job, or our pride is too big, we cannot resign for the good of the organization.  I wish these people would do what is best and allow the company to hire a more talented person.

While it is often the individual who has taken on a bigger role than they should have, I also fault the company for hiring underqualified people and expecting miracles to happen.  They want to hire cheap, and get frustrated when cheap didn’t buy them the skills and experience they needed.  If they terminate the person, they have to admit that it was a bad hiring match.  If they can hold out and wait for a resignation, they avoid the spotlight of involvement.

So maybe it is time to ask ourselves the tough questions, and if we are in over our heads ask for help.  If help won’t cut it, than tender your resignation.


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