Employee Loyalty

I have found that many senior managers are under the false impression that their employees are loyal simply because they are still working at the company.  Many employees are still with your company simply because they need a paycheck and have not found an alternative source of income.  They are looking, and once they find greener pastures they are out of here.

Although it is sad on one hand, I find it terribly funny to watch senior managers unable to understand why employees are not loyal.  These employees are not loyal to their leaders or the company.  And while most of us accept employment offers because we like the company, we usually always leave because of the relationship with the manager.  I’ve taken jobs before that despite what my gut was telling me about the manager, I really wanted to work for a particular company and/or take on a particular challenge.  In the end, it was the treatment by the manager that had me looking to leave.

Yet sometimes it doesn’t take an Einstein IQ to understand how a series of circumstance can lead to an employee losing their loyalty.  Imagine you have an employee that lives a mile from their work location and has done a great job for you since they became an employee.  In fact, their skills could serve to clean up a real mess in another location that is 15 miles down the road, but due to traffic will increase their 5 minute commute to an hour each way and no pay increase to move.  You explain that the transfer takes place in two days, and if they say no it is insubordination that will be followed by an immediate termination.  Are you surprised they agreed to the transfer?  Are you going to be shell-shocked when they resign for greener pastures?

Thanks to social media these types of conversations are being well documented, and yet the insanity continues to play out in one company after another.  Being the training guy I can see that the lack of management development training has created a generation of foot in mouth leaders.  But that aside, if you are losing staff members, maybe it is time to assess why your employees are no longer loyal to you.


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