Repercussions for Lying

Repercussions for lying these days are a quick apology and then back to work.  When did our society begin to think it was okay to mislead, lie and cheat people and basically get away with it?  And while Jonathan Gruber’s testimony to congress yesterday is what has my interest in this topic again, is he really unique?

Politics it would seem is a license to lie.  In the name of the campaign, or whatever it takes to get elected you can do or say anything.  Our founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves at the actions our government leaders are taking these days.  I’m sure they too played their word games at the time, but the public and the press were not as forgiving as they are today.

I fear that this tolerance of lying is hurting the ability to raise children because they are surrounded by adults that can get away with saying things that are not truthful.  We have religious leaders spreading messages to agitate the public and believe things that are not fact.  We have people testifying in front of juries making up stories to fit agendas.  We have people lying under oath.  I guess “so help me God” doesn’t mean as much to some as it does to me.

Business leaders get caught lying to employees, stock holders and the press to create a façade or keep the façade alive.  Oh well, business as usual.

Yet as bad as this sounds, there are still honest people.  There are still Servant Leaders.  There is still hope for those of us seeking God’s wisdom, guidance and help.

Merry Christmas from JK Hopkins Consulting


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