Do Head Hunters Still Exist?

Back in the days, I would get a telephone call from a head hunter that had identified me as a potential applicant for a position they were sourcing.  Based on my background, they would initiate a conversation to determine if their research was correct, if the position was something I was interested in pursuing, and if nothing else they ended up knowing me better.  Does this type of executive recruiter / head hunter still exist?

I’m guessing they do, but they are lost among the vast amount of recruiters that post online openings, blast emails to everyone about every job, post social media messages and sit back and wait for the right applicant to apply.  I am looking for the real deal, and yet I have no idea how to find them.

Recently I spoke with a friend that is actively looking for work at the C level.  He said that the trend of recruiters using the spray and pray method of finding talent will be greatly reduced soon, and replaced with a superior version of yesterday’s head hunters.  Almost like a talent agent used in the entertainment industry, candidates like myself would hire and pay an agent to find them work.  Whether it is contract or full-time, I would have a professional representing me.  When it comes to negotiating a compensation package, in walks the agent to seal the deal.

I’m ready for this kind of person today.  If they exist, call me and let’s talk about your process.  In the mean time, how do we find out who is a real executive recruiter (head hunter) from the typical recruiter?

Let’s take the mystery out of this for everyone!


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