Are You a Self-Serving Leader?

Whenever one discusses the virtues of Servant Leadership I’m into that conversation with all my heart and soul.  It is a leadership philosophy that has served me well in my own career, and I only wish more managers and leaders of all walks of life followed these tenants more than most do.

When I run across the evil twin of a Servant Leader, I used to shudder and react with horror.  But having met more self-serving leaders than Servant Leaders, I now try to make it my mission to help them turn around and realize the error of their ways.

A self-serving leader by definition is one that does everything to meet their own needs, and if they happen to meet a need of someone else, well it couldn’t be helped.  It was not intentional and it most likely will not be repeated.  Words, actions, interactions, projects are all focused on shinning a good light on the self-serving leader.  Most of their staff has been either run over by the bus, or are currently under the bus.

Although they are fun to watch, they are also sad reminders of how we have failed to develop, coach, and mentor our vast leadership population into better leaders, Servant Leaders.

Today, I want you to think about an individual you know that is a self-serving leader, and what could you do to help them see the light.  Share your situation in the comments and let’s begin a revolution of change.  And if you are a self-serving leader, maybe it is time to realize it and take steps to turn things around in your own career.


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