My Favorite Part of LinkedIn

There are days I think I live on LinkedIn, looking for business opportunities and hoping to reconnect with associates from the past.  If I wasn’t so challenged at remembering names it might make the process easier, but over all I believe it to be a great professional online environment.

Now while I love learning about new concepts, or news in different industries from the many articles posted, my favorite part of LinkedIn comes from sharing in the success of my contacts.  It becomes so easy to congratulate someone on a work anniversary, a recent promotion or finding a better job.  Bam!  Everyday someone has good news to share, and it allows me the chance to quickly click a comment and tell them how happy I am for them.

Without LinkedIn, I would not learn about 90% of what is going on.  To begin with, LinkedIn is the one sharing the good news.  Sure you can post an update, but most of the time the announcement is because of an update to the profile itself.  If this feature was not part of the environment, then we would never learn of most of these events because most would never post an update.

Now while it is an honor to write a recommendation for someone I have had the opportunity to work with, that is a smaller group of people compared to the total contacts.  But often, I can endorse a skill or two for many of my contacts from the time we have spoken and interacted with each other.  Again, for me this is the chance to pat someone on the back, and I am one of those people who sees the value in recognition.

However, I also love the opportunity to not endorse certain skills that folks believe they have.  Without announcing to the world that they lack a particular skill, I can just overlook it.  I can then focus on the positive, and avoid the negative.

If you need a pick me up, browse the updates in your LinkedIn profile, and pass on a few compliments.  One a day, can make you feel, not to mention others feel, like the world is better than it is.


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