How Human Resources Reduces Company Sales

When asked how Human Resources impacts the sales results of most companies, there is a majority who see no connection at all.  And yet there is a significant impact resulting from the career center, or recruiting section, that can send positive and negative ripples beyond the repair efforts of marketing or sales people.

Let’s look at any service provider, or product provider that sells to the mass market.  You get to pick the company in your head for this example.  It could be a local retail store, restaurant or a home and auto insurance company.  Pick one name in particular and follow along with me.

Your company wants you as a customer, correct?  They provide the best service they can to recruit you as a customer and to retain you for years to come.  They count on your referrals, because even though a positive experience will rarely get more than a couple of conversations out of you, a negative experience will having you telling everyone you know.  Add in social media and even people you don’t know will hear about your bad experience.

Now suppose you apply for work at this company.  You submit an application online, and you get the customary computer generated response about how pleased they are you applied and they will get back to you.  Now imagine you get an interview, and you are told nothing that would lead you to believe you are being eliminated.  You keep in contact with the recruiter, but you never hear another word from them.  You took time out of your day, and they are too busy to spend one minute replying to you.  Heck, who are you?  No big deal.  Go away and we’ll call you if we want anything else from you.

Now while this happens all the time, and you are willing to let it go, today of all day’s you get an advertisement in the mail from this very same company.  They want you to shop with them and be a customer.  You ask yourself “why on earth would I want to be treated like I have been and turn around and be their customer?”

You see, Human Resources is an extension of your sales department.  They interact with hundreds of non-employees, but potential customers all day long.  If you are the leader of the sales efforts of your company and your HR function is treating applicants like worthless objects, then they are costing you business.

So while you are most likely not going to work for this company, I dare say you will probably never ever be a customer either.  And on top of that, anytime you hear someone say I’m getting a quote from [insert name] insurance company for my car, chances are you will warn them that you get what you pay for.

[And as a side note, if you happen to be shopping for insurance, I have a great company I could refer you to, and another one I would suggest you avoid.]



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