Are You a Stupid Manager?

If asked if you are a stupid manager, could you admit that at times you have been?  I realize that coming to grips with doing stupid things in your role as a manager may be difficult, but it is a fact of life that we all have at one time or another done something like the following.

  • Have you ever called your manager and asked them to approve something you are fully empowered to do on your own?  If you have you are sending a clear signal you are in over your head.
  • Have you ever had questions about processes, decisions, or outcomes and sat silent during staff meetings and not ask a single question?  Enjoy your time in the dark, because you could have turned on the light switch and seen the light.
  • Have you ever talked about the performance of a staff member in front of another staff member?  If you have, this person is now wondering what you are saying about their performance in front of other employees.
  • Have you ever talked one talk, and walked another?  If so, you are sending mixed messages and by modeling, encouraged staff to do what you do, not what you say.
  • Do you lie to employees, and yet want them to be truthful to you?  If so, you are misguided to believe that they will be truthful.
  • Is your picture next to the word “Unethical” in the corporate dictionary?  If so, get it together and get honest.
  • Do you get upset when people miss deadlines, and yet you are the clog in the process that made them miss the deadline?  Often managers fail to see their role in a process, and if employees don’t feel comfortable reminding them everything comes to a stop.
  • Do you have an office snitch that you encourage to rat out their fellow employees?  How do you expect to build respect with staff?
  • Do you play favorites, even have a manager’s pet as one of your employees?  This creates friction with your staff and you, and the staff and this employee.  Thanks for making everyone’s work life a living hell!
  • Do you micro-manage staff and yet hate to be micro-managed?  Have you ever heard of the Golden Rule?

While I could go on for days, I sometimes wonder why so many managers do many of these items and claim to be successful?  It is human nature to slip up once in a while, but it should not be what you are known for.  There is more to managing than making your numbers and goals.  You are a manager because you are able to motivate and obtain optimal performance out of your team.  If you can’t do this, than step aside and give the honor of managing to someone who wants it.


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