Dysfunctional Government Workers

Like many Americans, I am quite upset with the amount of dysfunction in many of our government entities, and in the individual performances of so many workers.  While I am very tempted to group all of them into one basket and say that they are all dysfunctional, that would be an unfair assessment for the many workers that bust their butts weekly for the American people.

Just like in corporate America, our government employs human beings.  So guess what, the slackers, and the thieves and cheats of the world work in both public and private industry.  While a lot of humans have high work ethics, many will get away with what they can get away with.  In other words, leaders need to step up and start managing.

I’ve often day dreamed about my first day as President of the United States.  There would be a very clear message sent that if you want to lie, cheat and steal then leave now.  If you do anything to screw with the trust the country has placed in you to perform your job well, I will make sure your employment is terminated.  If anyone tries to cover up a mistakes, all those involved will lose their jobs.  We work for the American people, not the other way around.  I would then make it perfectly clear, that I expect the same management style from everyone on the team, or they too will be looking for a new job.

I am flabbergasted at how many challenges are going on in our Federal, State and local governments.  I fault the leaders from the top down to the offending employee.  Where the hell is management?  Why are things so out of control?  Why are we growing the dysfunction rather than weeding it out?  Because there are no consequences for screwing up!

The CEO for the United States is the President, and yet I dare anyone to find me a company where the CEO is dealing with this much dysfunction and still has their job.  In any corporate function, the CEO would lose their job for any of these activities, and would be taking a lot of people with them on their way out the door.

Corporations are required to make money, while government is in place to spend money.  See the difference in the motivators here?  If government required each function to make a profit, or reduce expenses while improving productivity, we could turn things around.  Yet until we learn to start terminating the dysfunctional employees, no amount of positive changes will make a difference.  If I want my garden to grow healthy vegetables, I must constantly remove the weeds.


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