Respect and Appreciation

While I normally devote this blog to directions I wish managers and leaders to take, today I am targeting any reader.  But especially those readers who are dependent on others for financial support.

While this includes anyone living with someone who is financially supporting any or all of their expenses, it includes all employees earning a paycheck.  Everyone getting something from someone else needs to learn and practice the concepts of respect and appreciation.

We in the HR world love to lecture managers that they need to respect their staff and demonstrate appreciation.  Yet managers are not the only people in an organization that need to show respect and appreciation.  Every single employee needs to show maximum respect and visible appreciation for having a job.  Stop taking everything for granted and realize that although it is not a perfect world, this employer is providing you an opportunity and a financial gain.

If you are living with family or friends because you cannot afford to live on your own, it ruffles more than my feathers to see attitude being tossed into the faces of those providing assistance.  Adults that move back home because they hit a financial low expect to take over and run their parent’s home.  Children and young adults that live off their parents and then show little respect for the support, and forget appreciation find themselves feeling entitled to life-long care and feeding.

Yet for those employers, parents, siblings and friends that are being disrespected and unappreciated, if it is allowed to happen you may be enabling the behaviors by not requiring better treatment.  If I ever told a manager which way to stick it, I fully expect to be fired.  If I am not, then my manager is telling me it is okay to show disrespect.

If I keep paying for my adult child to live at home without paying expenses and I find that I need to follow their rules in my house, then I need to understand I am allowing it.  If I am sending a check to my kid every month to pay for living expenses and yet I’m told to keep my nose out of their lives, then I need to stop making payments to the ungrateful.  Too many parents put up with entitled children living off them for fear of losing the relationship.  Parents need to understand that being a parent deserves the same level of respect and appreciation from their children as any other interpersonal relationship.

Bottom line is that we all need to remember to respect those we interact with and show appreciation for what we are receiving.  At the same time, when we are giving of our time and resources to others we must hold these people accountable to a proper level of respect and appreciation or we need to cut the checkbook off.


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