You Can’t Fix Stupid

Someone once said, “You Can’t Fix Stupid” and if you know who it was, please add a comment below so I can give proper credit in the future to the person who has saved me countless hours stressing about some people.

There are times in life where you run across people who just in your point of view act stupid.  They may be highly intelligent people, but they do and say stupid things.  They value their own worth to such a high degree that they can avoid the obvious solution in front of them because it doesn’t line up with their view of the world.

In training development, performance consulting and day-to-day organizational development I am charged with evaluating business challenges and crafting solutions.  Yet at times I can be so spot on with my analysis and solution choice that it even surprises me.  Then comes along stupid, and I would have an easier time sliding through a brick wall at platform 9 3/4  than to turn around this person’s view of the world.  And while I will give it my best effort to point out both sides to make the conclusion easier to see, there are times when stupid wins out over reason.

This is why I latched on to “You Can’t Fix Stupid” seconds after I heard it.  Wow, I thought, it means know when to give up and fight a different battle.  Walk away and let this soul screw up and suffer the consequences.  I have to remind myself that I don’t control others and only have influence at best.  From my time management training days, I remember stressing that trying to control things we cannot control is a waste of time and energy and it is best to shift into a different mindset.  Move on to people who want to improve their situations.

When I have forgotten this sage advice I have solved nothing, and only made myself miserable in the process.  While I don’t believe people want to fail, I do believe that some people have no control over their own actions as destructive as they may be.  The funny part is that often these folks work together which makes any solution almost impossible to implement because they are all fighting each other.  The best thing I can do for them and for me is to remember when to throw in the towel.



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