Be The Bridge

I’ve kept a Successories card that someone sent me years ago, because to me it spelled out rather succinctly the relationship I had with this person and their company.

“Be The Bridge:  Problems Become Opportunities When the Right People Join Together”

My particular situation involved the need to select and implement a Learning Management System (LMS).  While I could certainly understand the benefits of having an LMS in place for the learning organization I was building, I had never been involved in the process before.  When I joined this organization, they were well into the process and had hired a consultant to help us out.

While this consultant may have known a thing or two about learning management systems, he was more focused on billing hours for his time.  I was more focused on getting the job done and here is where we soon broke ranks and I let him go.  One of my better decisions was realizing early that we were never going to build the bridge from not having a LMS to having a LMS.

This particular project had more chefs in the kitchen making the soup then it appeared would ever be eating it, and so I thought it best to use vendor demonstrations to educate the masses on what direction we should take.  During that process one individual and company rose to the top because their focus was on fixing our problem.

Like my card says, the right people joined together and our problem became an opportunity.  Yes we landed up using them to solve this problem, and many more after that.  We built a bridge of trust and respect, that remains between us today.

Talented help is out there to help us with our problems, if only we would let them into our world and engage in a process to eliminate our current and yet to be realized issues.  If you are standing at one end of a bridge I can help you cross, you need only begin to walk forward and the two of us will join our talents and create opportunities!


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