Outcomes of a Lying Leader

While the news media is fond of pointing out any public servant that lies about circumstances, they miss the real news story that happens in companies all over the country.  Leaders lie frequently to save their careers and most believe it works.

Yet as one of those honest folks that has spent my career telling the truth, it is a double edge sword.  While honesty has built strong relationships with co-workers, it has also left me in the position of being the fall guy at times.  Because I don’t play the political game well, and prefer to focus on accomplishing results, I’ve been that person standing alone when all the liars leave the room.

Yet Lying Leaders I believe land up paying for their lies in the end.  Some sooner than later, but all land up paying the piper, which is why I will stick to telling the truth and taking a few licks along the way.

What does a Lying Leader lose?  Ultimately they lose trust.  And when people stop believing you, and what you have to say, than you can’t move mountains let alone your agenda for the day.  You are no longer effective, and just take up space in the room.

If you are a leader that twisted the truth to serve your needs, put a spin on a story to take the spotlight off your part in the process, or outright lied about a fact or two, your career is dying a slow death.  One need only watch the rising star of President Obama 5 years ago, and how polls are now saying that a majority of people no longer trust him.  Moving any kind of agenda will be nearly impossible, and what happens when he really needs us to believe him?

The inconvenient truth of lying is that you inflicted this upon yourself.  No one made you lie, it was a choice.  So if a leader loses position because they lied, they did it to themselves.  If we allow leaders in our organizations to profit from lying, then we earned the outcome too.


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