Employee Feedback

Most companies that have customers are very focused on those customers and the experience they have working with them.  I’m of the belief that companies ought to be just as focused on what their employees are saying about them, and the benefits of being a great place to work.

Recently I wrote on my discovery of online feedback from places like Indeed.com and Glassdoor.com which are both job seeker sites that solicit feedback from employees about their working experiences.  The goal is to promote what a great place said company would be to work for, and thus they should apply for job openings.

Yet when feedback is negative, it not only scares away potential new hires, but potential customers.  After reading 40+ postings about one of my favorite shopping venues, I was appalled at how poorly this company treated their employees.  Frankly, this retail group is so close to a sweat shop, they are barely meeting minimum standards for employee treatment.  Turnover is high with employees, and if more customers learn about how management treats employees they are no doubt going to lose customers too.  I know I’m not shopping there anymore.

I discussed this recently with a friend in another company, and he said that monitoring online employee feedback is something senior management has tasked all managers to watch out for, and elevate issues when something is discovered online.  Rather than go on a witch hunt for the online writer, they are forming problem solving groups to check on the validity of the comments, and make the necessary changes to eliminate the issues.   He was also quick to note that even if the comments were found to be invalid, that because they are online they have to address the concerns because readers assume comments are factual.  This is the crust of why every employer should be on their toes.

Even if you work for the most perfect company in America, voted “Employer of Choice” year after year, online comments that are negative can have an impact.  And ignoring the valid comments as if no one will every find out is just playing with a loaded gun.


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