Employees As Customers

I wish there was some statistic that I could draw from that shows how many employees are customers of their employer, but if we look at the food, service and retails worlds I would say it is a very high percentage.  So with companies that go out of their way to make sure that the customer experience is everything it should be to promote positive word of mouth, why do they treat employees like disposable items?

These industries I’ve mentioned hire a lot of part-time employees, many on the promise of 20 hours a week or more on average.  They have a ton of applicants, and they find good matches for their hiring needs.  Then once employees learn the job, some quit because it wasn’t what they expected and then the hiring begins again.  Yet somewhere in the middle of this cycle the company has reduced the hours from 20 to 10 to spread out the actual staffing needs.  They over hired and under employed from the beginning.

Okay, it would be one thing to see that you over hired, and thus instead of letting people go, you simply reduced everyone’s hours to spread out the fairness.  However, why would you hire to replace the exiting employees?  Now is the time to increase hours for those that are qualified, trained and like their jobs!

Instead, by hiring new people who need hours to learn the job, you continue to hold back hours on your “good employees” and then they quit and go to work else ware.   And when they quit, they also take all the good will the company ever created and leave it at the door too.

These former employees are no longer loyal subjects.  They don’t have a lot to say about you that is positive and they have a lot of friends and family to complain to.  Although they never experienced bad customer service, the employment experience has left a bad taste.  I can’t support a company that treats employees like disposable items.  I simply do not patronize any company that is like this.  And because of family and friends that have been mistreated by these customers, I no longer eat at 4 different restaurants, and shop at 3 different retail stores that at one time were all on my preferred list.  Why should I reward these companies with my business when they have treated my family and friends as disposable?

Companies need to focus on their employees and the relationship they have with them at least to the same degree if not better than they focus on their customer relationship.  Negative feedback hurts sales, no matter where it comes from.


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