Parent Mentoring

I reviewed a great class on this week on “Being a Step-Mom” and earlier this week I had finished an article in CLO Magazine on Mentoring in the workplace.  I got to thinking about how mentoring is often a subject of conversation, and sometimes actual action, in the workplace, but what about at home?

While my wife and I thank our lucky stars for our own parents being around to mentor us as parents, neither of them were adoptive parents like we are.  Our kids are grown now, but I sure wish we had found people in our list of friends and family that had adopted.  We had a lot of sage parenting advise given to us, that unfortunately didn’t always fit given the dynamics of adoptive children.  Of course the irony is we have found several people much later that were adoptive parents too that would have been nice to know several years ago.

The course on being a step-mom was designed to partake of lessons learned so that future step-moms could avoid some of the headaches this instructor experienced.  This is first rate mentoring, and why it got me to thinking about how parents at all stages of parenting could benefit from a mentor.

If anyone has any ideas on how I could take this spark of an idea and run with it, I would welcome the conversation.  Reach out to me at and let’s set up a time to brain-storm!


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