Seeking Employee Feedback

Why do companies avoid seeking employee feedback?  What has changed in the past 20 years that make annual “Employee Opinion Surveys” a thing of the past.  Several HR Managers have told me that the social online environments have taken over the tasks and offer people to freely comment about any company as an employee and as a customer.  This may be true, but do you really want all your dirty laundry airing for all the world to read?

Another HR Manager I know runs an annual Employee Opinion Survey and takes the feedback to management, and it is shared in time for annual strategic planning. (Don’t you just love this?)  She said that this annual outlet for feedback continues to minimize the open source feedback because employees are given the chance to vent in an environment they believe will be read and acted upon.

Another company that does not seek employee feedback has a ton of it online.  Anyone looking to work for this company need only go to a few key websites and learn the horrors of working there, and yet they wonder why recruitment is so rough.  Hello?

In this digital age, and employees feeling free to type their opinions on any subject, it is no wonder these employment websites have taken on a life of their own.  Yet I see the danger that these comments are now public knowledge, where an internal Employee Opinion Survey remains confidential.

Seeking employee feedback yields information that could afford you the chance to put out a smoldering issue before it becomes a forest fire.  It allows you to understand issues, and determine how widespread the problem is.  20 years ago there was no other outlet for employees to vent besides the internal survey.  Today if you don’t offer that channel, you force them to expose your operations to the world.


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