Is Leadership Training Necessary?

Quickly grab a paper and write down the name of every manager you have ever had.  This usually works faster if you start at the beginning and work forward, but the order of the names is not important.  Once you have  your list, circle the names of anyone you would work for again without thinking twice.  That didn’t take long did it?

Sadly if you are like a lot of people who have been working awhile, the list is long but the circles are far and few between.  Each time you hesitated about circling a name there was some incident, or maybe several, that popped up in your mind that prevented you from wanting to work for that person again without thinking it through.

Is Leadership Training Necessary?  That question was asked of me recently and before I said anything, I replied back with my own question.  What would make you ask that?  After a long pause, this person was just testing to see if I was the kind of trainer that thought every skill out there had to be trained.

The truth is that within a particular company it is quite possible that leadership training would not be necessary because people already possess and are using the skills.  I’d love to meet this company someday, but all kidding aside it is possible.

Yet if we exam the list we just created and realize how many of our past managers lacked the basic skills to create working environments we would run back to, tells me that 99% of all companies need leadership development.  They also need reinforcement and accountability as part of that learning process too.

If your company does not provide leadership training, tell us why it is unnecessary, or why you think they should train leadership skills immediately.


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