Endorsements are Good for Us

There isn’t a week goes by that someone in my LinkedIn network doesn’t endorse my skills on my profile list, or as of lately come up with a new skill I had not previously thought of.  It may be only a second or two of recognition, but it makes me feel valuable to that person.

As any great manager will tell you, recognition is the most powerful and lasting form of motivation, and cost very little cash and mostly effort.  Somewhere along the way, the LinkedIn endorsement process reminds us of the value that a person played in our world, and in a very easy process allows us to demonstrate our appreciation.

Now I am not someone who endorses everything someone says they can do.  I believe I am providing zero benefit if I were to endorse a skill I am clueless if it fits them or not.  I’m also kind of tough and will not endorse a skill if I don’t believe it exists.  Many past people I’ve worked with love to list the skills of “management” and “leadership” and gee I’m sorry but they never exhibited those qualities in my presence, and so I pass on clicking that skill.

Endorsements might sound like a small thing, but to the receiver it is sometimes the only validation they will ever get.  So my challenge for you this week is to seek out people in your network that you have worked with and pull up their profile.  Endorse the skills you can, pass on those you can’t and write in anything you feel strong about and build someone up.


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