Phony Leadership

I’m really getting tired on Phony Leaders, and the Phony Media that props them up.  And I am not just talking about political leaders, but also business leaders that make up things and are allowed to get away with it by a biased media.

I’m not so old to remember when the American Media would go after any lying leader that was twisting the truth to make their problems go away.  These reporters would go after the details and expose the lies, and were relentless until things changed or apologies came out.  They were the defenders of truth, and were respected and trusted.

Unlike in the past when everyone was called out for being phony, the media is playing favorites and backing up the phony people only when it suits their political beliefs.  If you are lucky to be on the winning side, you can stand up and call all of your troubles “phony” and the media will jump right in there and defend your beliefs and assumptions and validate them as truth.

I long for honest leadership.  I look for honest leadership.  I know it exists, but it is not getting the same press as the phony leader does.

The only thing we can do as individuals is to follow honest leaders and avoid and boycott phony leaders and those that support phony leaders.  Leaders are only successful if they have people who will follow them.  It is time to follow a better kind of leader!


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