True Leaders are Honest

I am very bothered of late over the deception of so many government officials, and the cover up of wrong doing.  Many justify their actions because others in the past, or from the other party have done the same.  My Mom used to tell me “two wrongs don’t make it right.”  Yet the lying continues every day, in almost a defiant manner to see how long before they have to admit their own errors.

Like most people, I believe that forgiveness comes quicker when people are honest, and it takes much longer when people lie.  It is hard to screw up and then stand and admit honestly that you made, or your staff made errors, but stuff happens!  In fact we have all been in a position before where we screwed up and had the choice to tell the truth or lie about it.

I believe that true leaders are honest.  They are honest with themselves, and they are honest with others.  Not only are they ethically well-built, but morally too.  A true leader has difficulty with deception, and so they naturally seek to correct the errors, and be transparent with the facts.

I feel for parents with school age children right now that are trying to teach them to tell the truth, be honest, have integrity and not lie.  The news is full of reporters lying and twisting the truth.  The political landscape is all about covering one’s butt, and blaming others.  And to top it off, many are rewarded with promotions, or continued employment for these bad behaviors.  How is a parent supposed to compete with the real world when they are describing and demanding behaviors that require more sacrifice?

I pray that God finds a way to reach our national liars, I mean leaders, and we can turn away from deception and toward a more honest communication.  I hope and I pray that things change soon!


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