Time for Vacation

I’m kind of an odd duck when it comes to the real spirit of a vacation.  To me these infrequent days and weeks each year are more about the break from the normal daily routine then they are about the destination and activities.  So when I take vacation, I really leave a lot of my routine behind.

Whether I go on a cruise, travel to a foreign destination or stay home, vacation must be a break in what happens everyday from what normally happens.  So to begin with I give up email, and the computer in general for the time off.  OMG, you say!  How can he live without social media?  Heavens, will he still be breathing by the end of the week?

The sad reality for a lot of people is that they feel indispensable at work and in their personal world.  They cannot disconnect ever!  They feel they must be available 24/7 to their employer, family and friends.  The big news flash is that if something happens to you the world will go on.  You will be missed, but the world will go on.

So if we can get a grip on how dispensable we really are, and that work will wait until we return, then we can relax and unwind.  Taking time to experience a real vacation allows your mind and body to rejuvenate and when you return you are in much better shape to tackle the challenges that are usually waiting for us.

I’m taking next week off, which means, no computer and sadly, no blog for the week.


One thought on “Time for Vacation

  1. Good article Jim. I am guilty. Good for you. Enjoy your vacation. N

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