Lacking Accountability

Have you noticed lately that there are more people out there in the workplace and our communities that lack the ability to be accountable.  Actually they don’t lack the ability, they are choosing not to be accountable for their actions and circumstances.  It is just a whole lot easier to blame someone else, or fake ignorance to avoid reality.

If you buy into the rhetoric these days, it isn’t our fault that emails are not returned.  It is not our fault that we don’t return calls, or keep appointments.  And didn’t you know that the reason that assignment was not completed on time was someone else’s responsibility?

While some companies encourage accountability from everyone, it gets down to the individual person being accountable.  We must take personal part in this or it doesn’t work.  No rule or law can make people take responsibility.

From the very top of our government it is a regular routine to blame someone else for things not getting done.  Even those that are deliberately responsible for screwing up cannot take any responsibility.  It amazes me that they can look the camera in the face and not only avoid accountability, but lie to make themselves look better.  And the media is no help if they support the person as they will not hold them accountable either!

The lack of accountability in our governments and businesses all boils down to things not getting done.  Well let me back up a step there for a moment.  These folks are all getting a paychecks whether they are accountable or not.  I wonder what would happen to productivity if people where only paid on what they actually accomplished?


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