Being Prompt

The other day I had a 4:00pm phone call appointment, and I called at 4:00pm!  After confirming this was still a mutually good time to talk, my client responded with nearly a round of applause for being prompt for our call.  He went on to say he was the same kind of person and that being on time means a lot to him.

I must say that I do my very best to be prompt to any kind of event.  I am usually plenty early to arrive when in person, and try to have the phone ring for a telephone appointment to be right at the agreed time.  I appreciate the same consideration when others do this for me, but just like my client expressed, it doesn’t happen often.

For some reason today’s business culture is less than considerate of other people’s time.  If I am on time for an appointment, then I am showing respect to those I am meeting with and it is also a sign of professionalism.  If I am late, then I am demonstrating a lack of respect, and sending signals that I may be late with other promises I plan to make.

Although being prompt is emphasized in sales training, I have to state that I think being prompt is just plain good for any kind of business or for that matter even a personal relationship.  Someone once said, “Say what you will do, but make sure you do what you say.”

Being prompt to an appointment starts to create trust.  When later in the conversation I make a promise to get back to someone, or send something to them, they already believe I will follow through.  And you know what, I do.


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