Never Make the Customer Feel Dumb

Imagine you own a house in the mountains that you visit once a month.  When you purchased this house about a year ago the home inspector said the water heater was shot and you should replace it.  Yet when you had the local appliance and repair shop look at it they replaced a part for less than $100 and it worked fine.

Because this is a vacation home, you don’t leave the water heater on high when you are gone you turn it down to vacation when you are not there.  Each time you return it has hot water ready as soon as you turn on the water, and to the best of your knowledge everything is working just fine.

Now, imagine that this past weekend you ran out of hot water.  In fact the heater seems broken and you begin to feel that the home inspector was spot on after all.  It is a Sunday so no repairs, but you schedule another appointment a few days later that week.  You take time off work, spend gas money to drive back to the house and when the repair guy asks why the switch is on “pilot” and not “on” you stand there like a complete idiot.  You know that you read the dial incorrectly and never moved the switch since the first date of repair.

The repair guy could have laughed, made fun of your stupidity, or simply did as this guy did and shrug it off.  He made the customer feel okay, and did not make them feel dumb.  Kimbro’s appliance and repair shop has earned a customer for life, and the customer even found time today to write about it in his blog.



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