Blowing Your Own Horn

I had a training manager years ago that never saw her role include any recognition or pats on the back for her employees.  She would often say it was not her job and that we should learn to “blow our own horn.”

Although I prefer that my work speaks for itself, my resistance to blowing my own horn and bragging about my successes probably needs to happen less if I want recognition.  More and more I am noticing that people are no longer waiting for their manager, friends or clients to say something good about them.  They are actively soliciting recommendations for social media sites and asking for referrals.

While there are still many people who will refer you and talk you up without being begged to, they are becoming a rare breed.  It is as if they are waiting to be asked, which is the feedback I received from someone recently when I asked for a referral.  “Oh Jim, I’m so glad you asked, I have been wanting to refer you to someone I work with.”

I of course was thrilled, and asked her to proceed, but part of me wanted to ask why she was holding back.  Why did this person need an invitation?

So while it may be in style now to update your LinkedIn page every hour on the hour with your most current accomplishment, award, or current toot of the horn, I long for the day when a compliment was given without being asked for.


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