Leaders That Lie Will Lose!

If there is a single personal trait that sends me over the edge, it is the person that lies.  I really don’t care about the little white lie that spares someone’s feelings, but I am talking about the lies designed to cover up and spare someone’s errors.  Here’s a news flash for all those habitual liars out there – we are all human and make mistakes!

I’m a very political person and someone asked me why I don’t run for office.  I said, “I would if the folks could handle the truth.”

Yet, politics and the world of “spin” seems to be the norm in politics, and I know I would struggle with the constant parsing of my words to keep with the talking points.  I might be a breath of fresh air, but I doubt I would win a lot of friends being honest all the time.

I’m a firm believer in the axiom of what goes around comes around, and although for some it seems to take an eternity, I am sure that leaders that lie do eventually lose.  Maybe not a reelection, but lose the argument, the fight, the cause or whatever is most important to them.

On the other hand, I think that leaders that play it fair and are honest win in the end.  By being true to your values and ethics, you will win the war even if you are losing one battle after another.  My wish for those of you that are waiting for this moment is to hang in there a little longer.

Adding to this conversation, please share with us a “crash and burn” or a “succeed and soar” story about someone you know.  (Please remember to change the names)


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