Accomplishing 2013 Objectives

I find it almost humorous how often I hear people lament over not meeting a particular goal by the end of the year.  And while many of these goals were known at the beginning of the year, little to no focus was given until the last-minute.

Our federal government is a case study in procrastination and only when they are brought to the heat of the moment will they often accomplish the task.  People like to think government holds the copyright on this kind of activity, but it goes on in every size of company, family and individual to some extent.

It was in 1987 that I was introduced to a simple time management concept by the then Franklin Quest Company.  Today they are Franklin Covey and have a whole lot more to offer, but their concept of setting and accomplishing goals remain the same.

If we would all learn to identify the goal, set a due date and communicate early to all those involved we would be light years ahead of where most are today.  While it may sound simple, the reasons for procrastination and avoiding these steps are tied to a lack of motivation or to a simple fear of failure.

I learned a long time ago that procrastinating gets us no where.  Even if we fail to accomplish everything needed to get a job done, by engaging even a single task we are one step closer to finishing.  However, to finish on time requires a little more planning.

In this blog post I want to begin the discussion with identifying the big goals for you and your department this year.  First get them written out with due dates.  Then take each goal and break it down into projects and the projects into task lists.

Take the tasks lists and prioritize the items, and each month, week and day complete and/or delegate items to others.  Remember to give others time to accomplish new tasks while they are working on their previously assigned work.

And lastly, communicate often with everyone involved.  If necessary over communicate so that people understand the priority and due dates.  Most people will accomplish their tasks when they understand how vital their share of the project becomes.

2013 can be one of your most productive years at work and at home.  What are you looking forward to completing this year?


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