Getting a Facelift

I recently gave my website for JK Hopkins Consulting a facelift with not only a new look, but a lot fewer pages of content.  Working with a coach I received some beneficial feedback that although I can do a lot of different things, my focus needed to be, well I guess the best word is “focused.”

He suggested that as a Performance Consultant my purpose is not a laundry list of capabilities, competencies and “stuff I can do” but rather that I can get to the root of almost any performance issue that a team or team member maybe having on the job.

Managers everywhere are having performance issues where employees are not producing what is needed.  Sometimes the manager does know why, and other times they could really use a fresh set of eyes.  This is where I come in, and with all the humbleness I can muster, I am rather good at this kind of evaluation.

Years ago when I first began learning performance consulting, I was informed that training only solves performance issues about 50% of the time.  Having been in training for about 6 years then, that was no surprise to me, and yet I was operating within a department that felt training could cure-all performance issues.

So while it was a bit challenging to remind myself that there are about a dozen reasons and causes for poor performance, the lack of training was only one on that list.  I had to dig deeper, and most importantly, collect ALL the issues.  Just fixing one thing was not going to make a real difference.

Now while I wish I could give myself a facelift to hide all the wrinkles, I am planning on stepping back from my expertise in training and focusing more on fixing performance issues with whatever tools are needed.  In a way I am getting a professional facelift.

I am excited about a new focus, and meeting new people, and above all removing issues that bog others down.  If you or someone you know would like to chat with me for free, email me at


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