Happy Thanksgiving!

Although tomorrow, November 22nd, is being celebrated in the US as a day of thanksgiving, people who are grateful for what they have don’t need a separate day to give thanks.  In fact, grateful people are some of the best leaders we could ever hope to have on staff.

Imagine a person who is thankful for having a job, any job, and puts in a full day’s effort for a full day’s pay.  This is a valuable staff member, who not only does the very best they can for their employer, but they are contagious and others often follow their lead.

What happens when you have a manager who is a grateful person?  They not only lead with a grateful heart in all they do, they are not disruptive or looking for ways to undo processes within the company but rather work toward improving processes.  They are thankful for what they have, and look for ways to give back through invention, or basic support.  They have staffs that are team oriented working toward the common good.  And customers receive some of the best service.

I believe that people who are grateful for what they have appreciate anything that is added to their existence.  They are happier people, and that happiness breeds additional productivity.  These are not the folks you stress over, but rather hang out with because they charge our batteries just being around them.

While I have a lot of things I can complain about, I have by far more things to be thankful for.  Could I do a better job of demonstrating a grateful spirit?  You bet I could!  I’m human, and can get pulled down into the muck just like everyone else.  Days like tomorrow, prompt us to remember to be thankful.  My goal is to have more days of thanksgiving because my head is focused without the need for a holiday to motivate me.

May all of you have a very Happy Thanksgiving, today, tomorrow and into the future.


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