Focusing on Performance

Have you ever noticed that we as a collective like to talk about solutions rather than the problems?  We lobby and promote things we should be doing rather than making sure we all have a firm understanding of the current and expected performance.  If our employees are performing at or above expectations, do we really need to focus on doing things differently?

I have been as guilty as most at promoting a particular product or service because I know it will improve performance.  Yet I have decided to change my approach 180 degrees and start by not talking about any product or service before I know completely the current performance levels that are happening versus the needs.

I’ve decided to start every contact now with a free brainstorming session that begins to uncover the issues that are causing reduced performance.  Most managers are very aware of the areas their team are under performing, and with a little discussion are able to bring a lot to the list of issues that are preventing optimal performance.

And, I did just say “list” of issues, as it is rarely just one thing that magically is causing reduced performance.

While training is often the first “cure” applied to every performance wound, I have found that a lack of skill is only part of the equation, and overall less than 50% of the time even applicable.

So, do you have a performance area with your team and/or a team member that you want to reverse?  Let’s schedule time to brainstorm what is causing it and then we can move into looking at possible solutions.  It is a free conversation, so email me to schedule time.



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