Scary Leaders

thHalloween makes me think of scary things, and since this blog speaks among other things about Leadership, I realized that I have worked for and met an awful lot of Scary Leaders.

If you stop and think for a moment you have too.  They are the ones that either don’t have a vision for the company, or fail to share it with anyone.

  • They are the ones that concentrate on everyone’s faults and couldn’t praise a fellow employee if their life depended on it.
  • They are the ones that take credit for all the good in the world, and point a finger and everyone else when things go wrong.
  • They are the ones that lie to cover up the truth, or simply have convinced themselves of the lie and wouldn’t recognize the truth.

While some of you may be focused on a political leader, I wonder how many of you were thinking of someone in your company?  How many of you thought of your immediate manager, or here is a notion, thought of yourself?

Scary Leaders are untrained and blundering around every organization.  It seems they are allowed to grow and prosper, ignored or sometimes just avoided.  Sadly there are ways to correct their behaviors, but the attention is just not given to their performance.  Talk about Scary!!

It is Halloween tonight, and if we all dressed up as our worst Scary Leader, who would you dress up as?


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