Rewarding Honesty

As I write this, the news media is having a field day “catching” a Presidential candidate telling the truth about our situation, while at the same time they are supporting the other candidate’s twisted and mischaracterized stories of realty.  The lesson learned is that honesty is not rewarded and that mis-directing people is rewarded.  To say the least this is twisted.

Yet while the mainstream media long ago threw out the truth with the bath water to become the lackeys of anything democrats support, they also threw out their ability to be honest and trusted.  And while the media is generally in our face daily, I would like to redirect your attention to the people in and around you at work.

It goes without question that we should be honest and ethical in our everyday work life.  As soon as we become the opposite our ability to be trusted again is about zero.  Yet how we respond to honesty is the other side of the coin.  If you are honest and trustworthy, you should also endorse and support those around you that are also acting this way.  You should look for ways to reward honesty while denouncing behaviors that are self-serving or slanted away from the truth.

If I heard it once I’ve heard it a thousand times, “let it go Jim.”  In other words, just ignore it Jim, it has always been that way Jim, they have always stretched the truth Jim, move on Jim you are disrupting the flow.  All because it bothers me to no end when someone is allowed to lie, cheat and steal and I am supposed to look the other way.  One manager I had used to call me a Boy Scout (which I was, Eagle Scout in fact) or my favorite Joan of Arc.  I used to comment on the last one that it was okay if he called me that as long as I didn’t leave this earth the way she did.

My point is that not only to we need to personally set an example and model honesty, we need to clap loudly in support of others that do the same thing.


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