Loyalty is Still a Good Trait

In reading a devotional this past week in which Joel Osteen describes loyalty, it had me reflecting on loyalty in the workplace.

Here is what Joel said –

“Loyal people are respectful of their country and leaders. Loyal people honor their parents and defend their family. When you’re loyal, you are a person of integrity. You build trust with others.”

Do you remember the days when employees at all levels of the organization had a similar marching order for success that went something like this?  Do your job so well that you make your boss and company look good!

There was a time where being loyal to your company and your boss was a good thing.  Somewhere along the line the companies started to be less loyal to employees and treated them more like equipment than people.  I had a boss one time that referred to the trainers as resources.  We were included with other resources like training equipment, facilities and materials.  Being referred to on the same level as a 3-ring binder does little to build loyalty.

Companies still want loyalty from employees and I believe that most employees want to be loyal to their companies.  Yet this mutual loyalty goes both ways and I am afraid we have employees working for us that need very little motivation from the employer to jettison loyalty when they feel mistreated.

Now while this may sound like the problem of the employee being too sensitive, it is more the responsibility of the employer to grow loyalty between themselves and their employees.  So when we look again at Joel’s original thoughts I zero in on the words “trust” and “integrity.”

Of course employees should be trusted and come with integrity.  And here is the simple truth – when employees are trustworthy to each other and are people of integrity, the company is also trustworthy, ethical and a company of integrity.  Interesting how all this could work!


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